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Welcome to the CUT THUS guild website!

CUT THUS is a recently formed raiding guild on The Forgotten Coast looking to fill our roster with skilled, mature players.  We are a group of friends that started playing back in TBC, we have raid experience and clears from Kara - RS. Our goal is to get a core 10-man group with focus on clearing the new Cata content.

We are a fairly laid back guild outside of raids, but when we do raid, we maintain a serious but fun attitude, intent on progression.  We ask that you meet a few basic requirements before you apply.

  • You must have a knowledge of your class and what the proper spec/rotation is for the job at hand.
  • We ask that you be in, at the very least, Heroic blues with a 340+ ILvL.
  • Your situational awareness must not be that of a two year old. This means you must be capable of putting out adequate dps, healing, or threat all while dodging fires, not standing in slime pools, or getting spanked by big boss mechanics.
  • You must be properly prepared for raids. This includes bringing the correct consumables to raids, having gear gemmed, enchanted, and reforged properly and being able to cover your own repair costs (for now).
  • You must be on time and ready to pull at the stated raid time.
  • You need to be able to take criticism and use it to better yourself and your characters if we find that your performance is not up to par with what we expect.
  • We're not a hardcore guild, but we have progression based mentality. Therefore, we require you to make the majority of the nights we raid.  This is a raiding guild so raid attendance is key.

The raiding schedule is as follows:  


So, if you're looking for a casual guild that's serious about raiding, post your app and we'll get back to you soon.
Core Recruiting: 1 Tank 1 Healers 2 Melee DPS 4 Ranged DPS backups needed.
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